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Research Paper

Qualitative Research
Eduhelp has a team which has completed many PhD and Master's Dissertations where the qualitative research methods are used and has an experienced team for conducting qualitative research.
Some features of qualitative research:
1. Involvement of research methods and theories which are appropriate.
2. Diversity and point of view of the participants.
3. Comfort zone between the researcher and the research.
4. Different use of methods and approaches.
Sequencing of qualitative and quantitative research:
A research project may include both qualitative and quantitative approaches in different phases of the research process not necessarily focusing on reducing one of the approaches of being inferior or defining the other as real research. Many PhD researchers make the use of qualitative research for developing hypothesis which is later being tested by Quantitative research.
Triangulation: Combination of several qualitative and also combining of qualitative and quantitative methods is termed as Triangulation. Several methodological perspectives complement each other in the study. "The qualitative and the qualitative methods should be viewed as complementary to each other rather than as opponents" is the background of such an idea. Triangulation of the qualitative and quantitative methods brings interesting insights during the research. The same group of respondents is interviewed and they then fill up a questionnaire. Comparisons of the responses are done and analysis of data is conducted.
Validity & Reliability:
While conducting a qualitative research the validity receives more importance than reliability. In qualitative research the issue of validity can be put forward as a question whether the researchers see what they think and see.
The three errors which may occur are:
1.To see a relation
2.To see a principle
Either they are not correct or to reject them when they are correct.
The main issue in exploring the validity of qualitative research is to find out the link between the relations that are under study and the version of them is submitted by the researcher. Various types of measurement of validity techniques can be employed by a researcher which includes:
1. Ironic validity
2.Paralogic validity
3.Rhizomatic validity
4.Sensual validity
5.Procedural validity
We will discuss three different forms of reliability for qualitative research. Quixotic Reliability: It can be used as a measurement on how far a particular method can continuously be lead to the same measurements and final results. This kind of reliability is being rejected by many researchers and authors as it is very misguiding and unimportant. Diachronic Reliability:
This reliability is understood on the basis of the understanding of the stability of measurements and observations in reality. Here the issue is the precondition that the criterion remains effective although the phenomenon under study may not undergo any changes.
Synchronic Reliability:
It is the compactness or the flexibility of results collected at the same moment in time by using different instruments. As viewed by various researchers this criteria is the most instructive when it is not fulfilled. Various questions arise from the issue that why this is the case and the various perspectives on the issue arising from the different methods used by the numerous researchers.
For testing a qualitative research reliability becomes more important only against the surroundings of a particular theory of the issue being researched and about the usage of methods. Nevertheless the researchers in order to increase the reliability of data and interpretation analysis they follow different techniques.
The focus is to work basically on the "unstructured" data. Primarily it includes dealing with the data which has not been systemized with the point of data collection.
Specific research and investigation of small number of research questions sometimes maybe only one. Importance on discovering the nature of a particular social phenomenon rather than applying attest hypothesis on them. The explicit interpretations of the meanings and functions of human actions are involved in depth analysis of data.
How does Ethnography fit into the research process (Qualitative Research)?
Beginning from the theoretical position of describing social realities and their making involves in ethnography. The prime focus of the research questions are mainly focused on detailed description of case studies. By using this method the importance of empirical and theoretical disclosure of the field under study has to be solved technically and is not a simple problem.
Eduhelp's assistance with Quantitative Research Various methods of research are used for writing a technical or academic research. One of the research involved is the qualitative research where you take your research statistics and data and decide the why and how of the findings. The quantitative research is the second type of research which focuses on achieving the exact facts of the who, what and when of your research. This kind of research is typically relevant to social science research designed to help employ scientific hypothesis and mathematical theories to the data gathered. Research which is done in scientific and mathematical field is also considered to be quantitative by definition.
When you are trying to create a dissertation, thesis or any other academic research paper, you must have a quantitative research and data to give support to any claims or hypothesis made. If you do not have time or resources which are needed to perform through the research or either you not able to understand the proper research methodology needed to collect quantitative data, you will need someone for your research to help you in the best course of action. As your dissertation throws the impact on the rest of the education life and as well as in the career life.
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